Please remember in your prayers:

Marge Borzansky, Emily Reynolds, Paul Likoudis  Sara Dawley,  Victor Skozowski, Ginny Ellis, Markey Laper, Kyra Nivison, Taylor Mateo, Michael Wagner,  Matthew Wagner, Lois Jennings, Mary Elizabeth Fillmore, Monica McGavin, Matthew Willson,  Keira  Messmer,  Ed Iseley, Joe Platzer, Carol Voorhees, Connie Kintner, Peter Kurkchi, Kimrae Alsheimer,  Nita Jean (Swick)Peterson ,Lucille Slike, Fred and Velma Swick,  Michele Lavarnway Parks, Therese and Tom Jackson, Darla(Gorski)Ross,  Karel Titus, Mike Allen, Christa Dunlap, Carol Limner and Family, Freda Hayes and The Corning Family,Nikki Christensen, Dennis O'Connor. For all pregnant mothers, and all members of both parish family’s and our communities who have health issues and/or are hospitalized.  If you or one of your family, would like to be included in our Prayer List, please contact the Parish Office. After 30 days, please let the Parish Office know whether to keep the person on the Prayer List.

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